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Gartner Research Board Identifies the Chief Data Officer 4.0.

CDOs Should Shift Their Operating Model From Project-Centric to Product-Centric.

With the increased usage of data & analytics (D&A) across the enterprise, the chief data officer's (CDO) mindset needs to shift from focusing on D&A projects and programmes to driving a product-centric organisation, according to the Gartner Research Board.

"We believe this is the rise of a new type of leader--the CDO 4.0," said Mario Faria, VP and programme director at the Gartner Research Board. "CDO 1.0 was focused exclusively in data management. CDO 2.0 started to embrace analytics. CDO 3.0 led and participated quite heavily in digital transformation. This fourth version of the CDO is focused on products, and on managing profit and loss instead of just being responsible for ' driving D&A projects and programmes."

The Gartner Research Board's Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer (Global CDAO) offering provides additional insight on the CDO 4.0 and a product-centric organisation through a community of Global CDAOs engaged with their true peers at comparably sized organisations.

Traditionally, technology investment has been structured as a pool of ongoing "run the business" costs and a separate portfolio of discrete capital projects that have a clearly defined beginning and end. However, organisations are now beginning to align funding, development resources and ongoing management support around a set of enduring product lines. Gartner expects 72% of organisations to be using the product model this year.

"The change to a product-centric organisation must focus on business areas where there is room to innovate, such as supporting a new business model," said Mr Faria. "Product-centric approaches make it easier to rapidly innovate and iterate because they focus on user experience, evolving requirements, and the strategic differentiation for what you are delivering."

A product-centric D&A organisation requires new skill sets, roles, investment models and the right culture. Gartner Research Board has identified three steps to becoming a product-centric CDO.

Think Platform First.

When tasked with creating a product, the CDO should plan the D&A platform first, then define the release plan and roadmap. Following those crucial steps, a team can be built to make the delivery cycle happen. Mr Faria said CDOs must think about the data first and the use cases later, following the lead of leading...

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