The 100 best companies to work for in Africa.


What a difference a year makes. Or not. The 2018 Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Study sees seven of last year's top 10 once again in leading positions, with 2017 leader World Bank Group retaining top spot. If it's variation you want, though, looking further down the list of brands and digging into the attraction and engagement drivers that support the ranking will reveal some big changes.

What is the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Study and what does it measure?

People will talk about the ranking, but the study is more than just a list of brands, and the ranking isn't really the most important bit anyway. Strange to say in an article alongside it, but there it is. Here we are recognising those employers who have caught the attention of the African talent pool, but with the study we are trying to shape the conversation on what makes a great employer in Africa, and through that positively change the employee experience across the continent. The better the employee experiences, the logic goes, the better the company performances, the more jobs created and the greater and more sustainable the boost to economies across Africa.

This ranking then, is formed from a study in which thousands of African professionals give their opinion on employers and employment conditions. More than 10,000 have now contributed, answering around 50 questions each on what makes a great employer, what they like about specific employers and how they feel in their current role. Therefore, the outputs of the study can tell us which employers are well regarded (the ranking), what talent is looking for and how engaged talent currently is. In this article, we'll touch on all three of those areas.

The ranking is produced by combining the popularity of the brands (how often they are selected for review) with their ratings by survey respondents against a range of criteria. Those factors are combined into a scoring index which is shown against the brands.

New entrants at the top have more in common

While 2.018's top 10 has a lot in common with 2017's, it's even more interesting to look at the things in common between the returning brands and our new entrants to the top 10 this year. The inclusion of the Development Bank of Southern Africa is firmly in line with the overall success of multilateral institutions, but the presence of Bridge International Academies is more interesting. Founded in 2008, the organisation has grown rapidly from its base in Kenya to cover...

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