Ten times the speed: MEF unveils first six 100G CE 2.0 certified vendors in the world: 100G CE 2.0 certified solutions enable service providers to address performance & scalability requirements of demanding applications with confidence.

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Standards-based Carrier Ethernet 2.0-based networks are getting faster by an order of magnitude as the MEF have announced the first 6 vendors to offer I00G CE 2.0 certified products - supporting the future of high-speed interconnects in the Internet and in the Cloud. The vendors are Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Coriant, Huawei, and Infinera.

In May 2015, the MEF announced expansion of the CE 2.0 Certification Program to include network equipment used for delivering E-Line and E-Access services that can be port or VLAN based up to 100 Gigabits per second. Previously, the upper limit for MEF CE 2.0 certifications was 10Gbps. The 6 CE 2.0 equipment vendors have since undergone rigorous testing procedures to be among the first to achieve 100G CE 2.0 certification.

Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer of the MEF, said: "We congratulate all of the vendors who have achieved the important industry milestone of 100G CE 2.0 certification. In the near term, this will enable service providers to deliver standards-compliant connectivity and access solutions up to 100G to support demanding applications like data center interconnection. Over time, it also helps lay a highly scalable CE 2.0 services foundation to support dynamic, cloud centric services that will be orchestrated over more automated, interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV."


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