Technology jobs already in high demand for 2017.


New analysis conducted by global IT industry body CompTIA has revealed that the UK technology jobs market got off to a strong start in 2017, with job postings in the sector reaching more than 365,000 for the first quarter of the year.

The analysis, using statistics from Burning Glass Labour Insights, found that since Q4 of 2016 the amount of IT positions advertised has increased by nearly 90,000, up from 275,679. This means that of the 2.7 million total job posts in this quarter, technology positions made up 14 percent of all listings. When compared to Ql 2016, IT job postings have increased by four percent, and have grown by three percent in comparison with Q4 2016.

The results reflect the continued growing importance of the technology industry to the UK economy, with the IT workforce in the UK growing by two percent to 1.22 million in 2016. These figures indicate that this trend is continuing into the new year.

The role of the digital economy in the UK was also highlighted in a recent report from TechUK, which found that the nation received 6.8 billion [pounds sterling] of tech investment in 2016, 50 percent higher than any other European country.

Though every job posting does not result in a new hire, and companies may have multiple postings for a single position, the data is an indicator of where companies are focusing their technology investments.

Graham Hunter, Vice President for Europe and the Middle East at CompTIA, said that ensuring the UK has a workforce to fill these positions will be key in maintaining the digital economy, particularly in light of Brexit:

"It is positive to see that the...

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