Tea production doubles.

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2013 seems to be a great time for Kenya's tea. According to the Tea Board of Kenya (TBK) monthly report for February 2013, overall tea production doubled last year's production for the same period. TBK attributes this success to "less severe hot and dry weather conditions coupled with incidences of light rainfall conditions experienced in tea growing regions". As usual, smallholder tea growers in Kenya's two main tea growing zones of West of Rift Valley and East of Rift Valley produced more tea than that coming from plantations in the same regions.


Tea production for the whole of 2012 was 369.2 kg. In February 2012, Kenya's tea production stood at 18.4m kg. In the same month in 2013, 38.5m kg was produced. This was followed by improved prices. Of the 38.5m kg, some 24.2m kg was sold through the Mombasa Tea Auction at $3.13 per kg. "Higher prices were due to improved demand by most markets in anticipation of supply shortfall in the first...

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