The Long Road from Taif to Jeddah: Resolution of a Saudi-Yemeni Boundary Dispute.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

THE LONG ROAD FROM TAIF TO JEDDAH Resolution of a Saudi-Yemeni Boundary Dispute By Askar H. Al Enazy Published by the ECSSR ISBN 9948 00 721 2 Price $45.00 paperback

Competing territorial and boundary claims have historically led to grave disputes between rulers and countries. The boundary dispute between Saudi Arabia and Yemen has been no exception. The disputed area, covering both land and sea, extends to more than 1,200sq km of strategically and economically important territory between the two largest states in the Arabian Peninsula, and the issue has periodically threatened regional stability during the past 70 years.

This book is a systematic study of the legal dimensions of this dispute. It provides an overview of various aspects of the dispute and legal attempts to resolve them. Special attention is given to the Treaty of Taif in 1934, a crucial boundary treaty between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The book analyses related developments, such as the...

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