[(ISC).sup.2] launch security certification.

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[(ISC).sup.2][R] ("ISC-squared") have announced preparations for a new certification designed to validate secure software development practices and expertise to address the increasing number of application vulnerabilities.

The Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) aims to stem the proliferation of security vulnerabilities resulting from insufficient development processes by establishing best practices and validating an individual's competency in addressing security issues throughout the software lifecycle (SLC). Code-language neutral, it will be applicable to anyone involved in the SLC, including analysts, developers, software engineers, software architects, project managers, software quality assurance testers and programmers. Over 70 percent of security vulnerabilities exist at the application layer *, presenting a significant, immediate threat to users worldwide. All too often, security is bolted on at the end of the SLC as a response to a threat or after an exposure," said Howard A. Schmidt, CISSP, [(ISC).sup.2] board member and newly appointed president of the Information Security Forum (ISF). A wide range of respected organisations have expressed their support for the CSSLP, including: BASDA, Cisco, ISSA, Frost and Sullivan, Microsoft, SANS, SRA International, Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFEcode), Symantec and Xerox. Several of these organisations are sending their qualified software staff through the education and examination process. Subject areas covered by the CSSLP exam will include the software lifecycle, vulnerabilities, risk, information security fundamentals and compliance...

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