Sudan: Tears of joy.

Author:Raheem, R.O.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I read with great interest your Cover Story, End of the road for Africa's Dinosaurs? (April 2019) as I am Sudanese and nave been following the events in my country for many years from my exile in Europe. It is a brilliant analysis of how someone like Omar al-Bashir came to power and remained in power for so long.

As I pen these words, news has just arrived that, as predicted in your article, both Algeria's Bouteflika and our own Bashir have been ousted--the first has had the decency to step down while the latter was deposed through a palace coup. But with his chief henchman, the dreaded Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf promoting himself as chairman of the military council, this looks like a cosmetic exercise. [Ibn Auf stepped down a day later and Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan took over. He has met with a civilian delegation and has promised a return to civilian rule --Editor.]

I salute the determination and endurance of the brave men and women who have been demanding real change and who finally managed to topple Bashir from his throne, mounted on the suffering backs of the common people for three decades. If my health permits and God willing, I shall be happy to return to my country and share the hopes, expectations and responsibilities of...

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