Suakin--power dominating culture?

Author:Hashim, Osman
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

The article on Sudan's mystic island, the city port of Suakin, by Karen Dabrowski, in the April edition oi New African, is a welcome discussion.

'Suakin Rises from the Dead' narrates the marvels of the place and its history, through the millennia; these marvels include architectural genius and sustained intelligent interaction with successive waves of a variety of civilisations. The article also touches on episodes, some verifiable, others not, [as well as] myth and truth.

Ms Dabrowski's article hails the renewed interest of the Sudanese people, and just as significantly, its leadership, in promoting Suakin's revival, and as such, it presumes a return to its historical glory.

Unfortunately, the article touches lightly, even dismissively, on the likely collaboration with Turkey, as a means of refurbishing the island port of Suakin for the primary purposes of military infrastructure and geopolitical design.

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