Stylish exits: coffins to die for.

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Taking his cue from the old Ashanti saying "if no-one kills you, you will surely die", a Ghanaian entrepreneur is making his living out of the business of dying ... and making a killing to boot. Samuel Kwei is the son of a successful coffin-maker, and his career was never in doubt; all that remained was to see if he would be as good as his father. As it turned out, Samuel took the business to new heights, directing his limitless imagination to coffin designs people would die for.


The result was a new range of boxes to be buried in called "Fantasy Coffins" with the slogan--Exit in Style. Kwei is the designer in a company he has set up with fellow West Africans Sam Johnson and Kofi Anderson and he will blueprint a going-away box in the shape of a bible, taxi...

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