StoneGate 5.2.

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Stonesoft recently announced the availability of the StoneGate Firewall/VPN 5.2, IPS 5.2 and StoneGate Management Centre 5.2. The new version offers a wide range of usability and performance enhancements that streamline the network administrators' workflows as well as reduce the total cost of ownership.

The StoneGate 5.2 solution, comprising of the StoneGate Firewall/VPN, StoneGate IPS and StoneGate Management Centre offers a range of enhancements in policies, monitoring, logging and system administration as well as improvements in security and network integration. This automates many basic day-to-day tasks and allows network administrators to focus on fighting against new threats and deviations from regular traffic patterns.

StoneGate IPS 5.2. offers improvements in performance and new...

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