Steps to success: how to lay strong foundations to support you all the way to CIMA membership--one brick at a time.

Position:Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - Brief article


Robert Jetty, director of education, CIMA

We live and work in a constantly changing world. New laws are introduced that lead to new policies, ideas and approaches. New problems arise and new solutions are sought. The world of work keeps on evolving. This means that, unless we are constantly learning as we go about our business, we get ever further out of touch with the demands of the modern working world.

It goes without saying that learning doesn't stop when you pass your exams. More than ever, all chartered management accountants need to be at the top of their game. They must maintain and enhance their knowledge, and skills, while keeping an eye on competence and the ethical frameworks in which they operate. Any member, from a FTSE-100 FD to a management accountant in an SME, must be able to demonstrate their CPD activity. This underlines the importance of lifelong learning in a world where finance professionals face constant...

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