Stella is on target.

Author:Ra, K. Khalfani
Position:Your views and newsits goo dthing - Letter to the editor

I was born in Jamaica and have been here for almost half a century, except for eight months spent in Zimbabwe. While reading, "I'm Jamaican you're 'African'" by Stella Orakwue (NA June), I kept forgetting she was speaking of Jamaicans in England, because the pathology she was describing is endemic to, and entrenched in, the national psyche of the black-race-hating populace of this tiny island and was so very familiar.

In fact, in your April article, "Africa calling", we can see an example of what Stella speaks of. The Jamaican in that article quite effusively identifies herself with her small island over being African. Not surprisingly, we are informed that she is often called Mzungu (whitey) "possibly due to her quasi-English accent" acquired from living in England. So much for a strong Jamaican black identity!

I congratulate New African for publishing Stella's honest straight talk but here is some of my own I hope you will not hesitate to publish. I think it is criminal that the magazine has to date printed nothing about the great Yosef ben-Jochannan who many consider the most important and influential African...

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