Getting Into the Spirit - the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games Licensing Programme


The Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games will be the largest multi-discipline sporting event held in the UK.

The development and protection of the image of the Games and the creation of a Games "experience" are fundamental criteria against which the success of the Games will be measured. This article examines the role the Licensing Programme will play in promoting the Games image, its scope and how it will be used by M2002 to enhance the Games "experience" for the public.

Conveying the Message of the Games

The Spirit of Friendship logo represents the three core themes of the Games - Sport, Culture and Friendship and forms the basis of the Games "look".

The Games are intended to represent much more than the recognition of great sporting achievement. They will celebrate culture, art, education and above all the friendship of the Commonwealth countries and will be the culmination of the Spirit of Friendship Festival, a series of national cultural events and festivals commencing in March 2002 to celebrate the Commonwealth and the Golden Jubilee of the Queen. The aim of the festival is to encourage communities throughout the UK to contribute to the celebrations and to gain an understanding of what it means to be part of the Commonwealth.

The Games branding will be used to draw attention to, identify and join together the many different events, participants, locations and sponsors contributing to the Games experience, whilst reminding all those involved of the core values which the Games represents. The Games "look" will brand all the fields of play venues in and around Manchester City Centre and all the events comprising the Spirit of Friendship Festival.

Exploitation of the Games Brand

The exploitation of the Games brand will be key to the success of the Games. With 72 nations taking part in the 2002 Games and an expected audience of 1 million spectators and 1 billion television viewers, the Commonwealth Games has reached new dimensions since Edinburgh 1986. The opportunity for commercial exploitation has likewise expanded dramatically. Large scale brand licensing is expected by both the public and the business community for an event the size of the Manchester 2002 Games.

The increased prominence of the Games as a multi-national sporting event provides a wealth of other opportunities for businesses. Raising public awareness of the Games and informing businesses how they can contribute to its success will be vital to ensuring that such...

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