Spirent selected by China Unicom.

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Spirent Communications pic's have announced that Spirent has completed a series of tests to validate the network performance of virtualization middleware for China Unicom. As a result of these tests, Spirent and China Unicom released a joinly written white paper, called the NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Virtualization Middleware, at a PT/EXPO China 2016 press conference last week.

Chosen as the preferred test vendor, Spirent executed a series of functional and performance tests jointly with China Unicom to address specific requirements of NFV infrastructure (NFVi) and middleware using Spirent TestCenter network performance testing instrument and Spirent CloudStress, a web-based infrastructure validation application.

The tests comply with current industry standards and utilize advanced, proven testing methodologies that are considered best practice. Spirent's combined solution enables network equipment manufacturers, cloud and service providers to consolidate and scale test lab operations, modernize test labs for employees or customers as a cloud-based service, or streamline continuous deployment when testing hybrid virtual network functions.

To address the special requirements of NFV on virtualized middleware, China Unicom Network Research Institute joined hands with many vendors including Spirent to perform a series of tests and verification in a lab setting. Tests were conducted on the functions, basic performance and network performance of virtualized middleware. The functional tests included support for virtual machine affinity and anti-affinity, control node failure...

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