Spend to reach $180bn.

Author:Dalby, Alexa
Position:Infrastructure spending details - Brief article

Spending on infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa is projected to reach $180bn a year by 2025, double the $93bn a year the World Bank says the continent needs for infrastructure build.

A PwC report says scarce resources, a shift in global economic power to emerging markets and urbanisation were among the main drivers of growth for infrastructure spend, but the funding gap remains a real issue.

The top three challenges in delivering capital projects were availability of skills; lack of state capacity to plan, procure, manage and implement projects and political risk; and government interference.

Transport and energy--including water--were among the biggest budget allocations for infrastructure. Africa continues to attract global investors, developers and operators searching for growth, and despite some regional concerns, opportunities abound for infrastructure investment and development.

More than half...

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