South Africa: good progress, but ...

Author:Johns, Trevor
Position:Brief Article - Letter to the Editor

I read the article, South Africa--10years on (NA, Feb), with great interest. As South Africa holds elections on 14 April. I feel it is time to assess the record of the ruling ANC.

There has been marked progress in many areas, such as rural electrification and the provision of low cost housing for low income families. There has also been speedy and remarkable progress in the representation of women in politics with about 25% of women occupying seats in the Federal Parliament. Women also occupy 62% of the deputy ministers' posts and a third of cabinet posts. South Africa now ranks seventh in the world in terms of its representation of women in parliament--surpassing even some developed countries!

But as your article mentioned, there has been minimal progress in terms of land redistribution and reparations. The ANC government is going to pay US$3,890 each to only about 19,000 victims of apartheid. This is indeed much less than the amount recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and I am sure there are many more victims of apartheid than the 19,000 who...

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