Something more sinister?

Author:Geer, Ben
Position:Spread of HIV/Aids, experimentation with chemical and biological weapons in Southern African region - Excerpt

Ben Geer, a white South African who fought for Ian Smith's government in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), asks awkward questions in his 1997 book, titled Something More Sinister, that probes the spread of HIV/ Aids and the experimentation with other dangerous chemical and biological weapons in the Southern African region by tne two white supremacist governments of Rhodesia and South Africa, using black people as guinea pigs.

Some excerpts from his book: "The Rhodesian security forces operated a Biological Warfare Unit during the Bush War. Why?" He goes on: "The continued annihilation of villages and refugee centres in Mozambique by the Rhodesian security forces--with no consideration given to innocent civilians, the elderly, women and children--seems incongruous with their Christian ideals. Why was the war protracted and these atrocities committed after agreement had been reached on Kissinger's proposals?

"Numerous true incidents ... such as the account of Operation Eland when, in August 1976, [the Rhodesian unit] the Selous Scouts attacked the ZANLA base at Nyadzonya, Mozambique, and reportedly killed 340 'terrorists' and 30 Frelimo soldiers. The UN later claimed the majority of the victims were refugees and not soldiers.

"The offensive military operations undertaken by the Selous Scouts were accompanied by specific orders to take captive and bring back hospitalised patients from 'terrorist' bases in Mozambique during the raids for interrogation!

"This seems strange in the extreme, whereas there were over 1,000 healthy persons at Nyadzonya camp at the time of this attack who could have been taken for interrogation. Why were the Selous Scouts instructed to take captive diseased or injured personsfrom the hospital, where it would clearly be impossible to identify their military rank or, indeed, assess whether they were civilians rather than soldiers?"

Here Geer insinuates that the "diseased or hospitalised patients" were subjects of secret contamination or experimentation by operatives of the Rhodesian Biological Warfare Unit (BWU) and, after Ian Smith suddenly agreed with the Kissinger proposals to grant black majority rule, the government had to remove the evidence of contamination by eliminating the hospitalised patients before word got out.

Geer reveals, however, that: "The Selous Scouts did not comply with this directive [the specific orders to take captive and bring back hospitalised and diseased patients from ZANLA bases in Mozambique]. It...

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