Solving the IT skills gap epidemic.

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There's a storm brewing, a vortex created by an exponential growth in technology and the sharp decline in the number of IT graduates entering the UK workforce. At one end of the spectrum we're seeing major advances in fields like artificial intelligence, and at the other a quarter of the population still don't have the skills to do more than consume digital products. Medium sized companies in the UK have identified the IT skills gap amongst their top 3 risks for the next decade with fears amplified in the wake of the Brexit vote.

As a parallel stream the trend toward a "gig economy" is growing; a recent study predicted that by 2020 up to 35 percent of workers could be independent contractors. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer have quite literally changed the way companies recruit and fill their IT skills gap, with specialist technology focused sites like The IT Project Board enabling searches based on any combination of IT category, skill, accreditation, certification, manufacturer and industry expertise to find the right person for your role.

Robert Chambers, CEO of says "Finding the right talent is expensive, time-consuming and unnecessarily arduous. Businesses must be prepared to go further afield to find the talent they need, modern platforms are designed to enable this at a few clicks; employers can find and invite talent to their projects directly, with no geographical barriers so saving both time and money." In addition these sites also provide unbiased ratings of completed projects, allowing businesses to make hiring decisions based on real outcomes not just instinct; eliminating the need to rely on the traditional gut feeling.

Perhaps these new virtual marketplaces will be the answer to the IT skills gap epidemic, "work"...

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