Sogeti Group launches new testing publication.


Sogeti Group has announced a new specialist testing publication: End-to-end testing with TMap NEXT.

The book describes a complete and methodical approach to one of the most complex test situations facing test professionals today; dynamic testing of a business process from 'end to end' through a series of IT systems and subsystems, crossing platforms and organisations, both private and public.

End-to-end testing with TMap NEXT provides the test professional facing these challenges with the methods, techniques and tools to plan and execute the testing successfully, with less duplicate testing and faster turnaround time. The end-to-end approach is based on TMap NEXT, Sogeti's world-leading test methodology that promotes a structured approach to consistently achieving quality software.

End-to-end testing, also known as 'chain' testing, is becoming an absolute necessity due to the increasing interconnectedness of many of the systems that provide the essential infrastructure of our daily lives. With boundaries between applications blurring, and systems chains becoming longer and more complex, undetected defects anywhere in the chain can have far-reaching impacts that are both business critical and difficult to predict. Testing system chains is one way to control these risks, and needs to be carried out to exacting technical standards and also with the collaboration of a number of system parties, with often different if not conflicting interests.

Lead authors are Rob Smit and Rob Baarda, senior test consultants at Sogeti and the approach is based on...

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