Software Intelligence Report: Legacy and Agile Threaten Digital Transformation Success.

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New research from CAST shows that legacy prevails; Agile is not the silver bullet it was promised to be.

CAST recently announced new research evaluating the impact of application age on software performance and business outcomes. The Software Intelligence Report on Application Age identifies two primary outcomes of old vs. new software that's still in use today:

* Older applications are far more likely to impact service continuity in the event of a production failure. Over 75% of applications from the 1980's have a critical impact on business operations if they go down, compared to just under 50% of those written in this decade.

* The shift toward Agile development teams might not be helping organizations modernize as quickly as the industry anticipated. According to the report, Software Agility is the only health factor that does not show a continuous improvement trend over time. In fact, applications released over the past 10 years score lower than applications released in the 1980s.

"Enterprise applications are often laden with software risk, as different pieces of functionality have been tacked-on over time. Without...

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