SmoothWall Express Version 2.0.

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SmoothWall Express 2.0, is the latest version of the Open Source firewall designed for ease of use and requires no knowledge of Linux to install or configure.

The enhancements include:

* Ease of Configuration--Improvements to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the defaulting of many settings to aid novice users.

* Documentation--Totally new documentation, including a Quick Start Guide along with comprehensive Installation end Administration manuals.

* Stateful inspection--The use of the Linux 2.4 kernel provides stateful inspection which maximises security and facilitates the handling of complex protocols.

* Broadband--Support for many more DSL modems.

* Networking--Additional IP networking diagnostics tools, DHCP smile address assignment, support for additional

* Dynamic DNS providers along with defence mechanisms against Denial of Service attacks.

* New IP block page--Create a list of public IP addresses that are to be blocked from accessing any computers on the local networks protected by Smoothwall Express.

* Back up--Backup the SmoothWall Express configuration information to a floppy disk.

SmoothWall Express turns...

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