SmartDBA System Performance for DB2.

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BMC have announced the integration of mainframe databases into the company's SmartDBA console with the introduction of SmartDBA System Performance for DB2, enabling customers to manage mainframe and distributed enterprise databases including Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server from one Web-based console. New distributed and mainframe data management products include:

* Database Administration for DB2 V2.1 featuring worklist parallelism, which increases application availability by reducing the execution time required for batch maintenance processes by driving multiple parallel processes within a single subsystem or distributed across multiple systems in a data sharing environment. Workloads can be dynamically distributed across these systems, allowing for workload balancing and allowing customers to take advantage of under-utilised systems

* Database Administration for DB2 v2.2 breaks the 32K size barrier for managing large binary objects (LOBs), making it easier to manage applications containing large objects, such as videos or pictures, that are often impossible to manage because of their data size. and type. Available in January 2004, this solution treats LOBs as any other DB2 object, automating change and migration processes that...

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