Smart Wireless Enterprise Access Server.

Position:Network News - From Madge Networks - Brief Article

Madge Networks new Smart Wireless Enterprise Access Server simplifies the deployment of large, secure and managed Wireless networks.

Major features of the solution are: Enterprise Wireless Security: The Smart Wireless Enterprise Access Server implements Madge's standards compliant 5element security model' launched in May 2002 that allows customers to select their Wireless security policies from a range of options. These include 802.1x certificate based client authentication with automatic assignment of encryption keys, as well as VPN, firewalls and integral RADIUS Server.

Multi-vendor Access Point Management: The software provides scalable support from 10's to 1000's of enterprise end-users, and is built for quick installation on any LINUX supported server. The Server manages the Madge 802.11 Access Point, as well as Access Points from Wireless vendors including...

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