Smart Sustainable City Network in Mumbai.

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Connode is working with Reliance Energy in Mumbai as the strategic partner for communication solutions and applications using Intel[R] Gateways for building a Smart Sustainable City Network in Mumbai.

Initailly, Reliance will connect the smart meters, streetlights and distribution automation equipment in Mumbai, using Intel[R] IOT Gateways and Connode's IPv6 based wireless mesh solution, Connode 4.This will be the first roll-out in India of smart meters fully compliant to the communication standards recently adopted in the machine-to-machine (M2M) roadmap by the government of India.

The solution features Intel[R] technology for high-performance IoT Smart City Gateways, capable of supporting distributed intelligence and with the ability to handle a large number of connected nodes, both IPv6 mesh and other IoT protocols.

India has become one of our key markets and our ambition is to be a key player in the transformation of India's infrastructure for energy and Smart City...

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