Small business tablet adoption on the rise according to intermedia.

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One in Four Android and Apple Devices Now Tablets Apple's iPad remains the preferred tablet for small and medium-sized businesses, but tablet activation overall continues to rise according to Intermedia, a global leader in cloud services and the largest provider in the world of hosted Microsoft Exchange. In the past few months, tablet activation has grown steadily and now represents about 25 percent of all Android and Apple device activations. Smartphones still represent the majority (75 percent), but tablet activations are growing rapidly as businesses embrace them. While most small business customers continue to prefer using the iPad, Samsung Galaxy activations have nearly doubled since October 2011.

intermedia manages more than 400,000 premium hosted Exchange email accounts. The company reviewed the number of ActiveSync--based devices its customers activated to sync email, contact and calendars. The company's cloud services support a full range of smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, Palm and BlackBerry. A breakdown of tablet activation since late 2011 reveals:

* 25 percent of all ActiveSync device activations are tablets.

* Tablet activations increased from 19 percent of total

ActiveSync mobile device activations in October 2011 to 26 percent in December 2011.

* From October 2011 to December 2011, ActiveSync...

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