Slow Man.

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Slow Man


By J M Coetzee

[pounds sterling]16.99 Secker and Warburg

ISBN 0-436-20611-0

The latest novel from the South African J M Coetzee--two times Booker Prize winner and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003--tells the story of when photographer Paul Rayment loses his leg in a bicycle accident, and his solitary life is irrevocably changed whether he likes it or not.

Stubbornly refusing a prosthesis, Paul returns to his bachelor's apartment in Adelaide, Australia, uncomfortable with his new dependency on others. He is given to bouts of hopelessness and resignation as he looks back on his 60 years of life, but his spirits are lifted when he finds himself falling in love with Marijana, his practical, down-to-earth Croatian nurse who is struggling to raise her family in a foreign land.

As Paul contemplates how to win her heart, he is visited by the mysterious writer...

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