A consortium led by Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich has been awarded a DM50 million contract to construct the third run of an overhead power line across the Bosporus. Client is the Turkish power supply utility TEAS (Turkiye Electrik Uretim -- Iletim A.S.). The project will be financed by The World Bank.

The Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Group (EV) constructed the second route across the Bosporus in 1983. It is still in operation today but reaching the limits of its capacity, hence the need for the new run.

Under the terms of the contract, the new line is scheduled to transmit power, as of Summer 1999, from generating plants at Ambarli, Hamida Bat, Trakya Elektric and Unimer, located on the European side of the strait, across to the Asian side, where power supplies must keep pace with increasing economic growth.

As consortium leader Siemens is responsible for engineering, cable tension and for the actual cables, including the upper earthing line, which is also scheduled for broadband telecommunications transmission via the built-in fibre-optic link. A Turkish member...

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