Shame to the pretenders.

Author:Ankomah, Baffour
Position:Baffour's Beefs

"The equivalent in terms of distance to the truth in the Labour government's version of the events in Zimbabwe and our experience, is like the journey between Mars and the Earth" -- Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga to the Foreign Office minister, Baroness Amos.

When truth goes on holiday and dishonesty rules the world, it behoves people with moral conscience to stand up and be counted. Perhaps I have to declare my hand early. I used to vote Labour. I voted for Tony Blair on 7 May 1997 when he became prime minister. But I refused to vote at all in the last elections in June 2001 because I couldn't insult my conscience and vote for Blair and Labour again. Because of their odious foreign policy, especially in Africa, and particularly in Zimbabwe! Labour and Blair have lost my vote forever!

Because of the interests of just 4,500 white farmers (who happen to be British descended), Tony Blair's Britain and its allies are punishing 13 million black people in Zimbabwe by imposing unannounced economic and other sanctions on the country, leading to severe hardships. I was in Zimbabwe between 10-22 December and I saw people queuing for bread in parts of Harare, something I didn't see last April.

All but one of Zimbabwe's international credit lines have been cut by Britain and its allies, making it impossible for the government to source foreign exchange to buy enough maize for a country hit by drought-induced famine. The lone credit line still open is even because of a "friendly bank manager".

And yet Britain and its allies have the grace to pretend that they are the ones who love black Zimbabweans so much that they want them to have "human rights" and "security", and as such the English cricket team should boycott Zimbabwe. what hypocrisy!

Let's fast rewind to the days of apartheid and the English cricket tours of South Africa. Did the British government stop them? In October 2001, President Bush signed into law the Zimbabwe Democracy Act under which Washington has blocked all international credit lines to Zimbabwe, ostensibly because America wants black Zimbabweans to have more democracy, human rights and all that.

On page 32 of this issue, we have a story on how America (sometimes joined by Britain and France) consistently voted at the UN for the continuation of apartheid.

In fact in 1965, at the height of the apartheid atrocities, America supplied nuclear technology to the apartheid government, and for the next 10 years until 1975, supplied about 100...

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