Sepior Threshold Signatures Interoperate with VMware Blockchain For Wallet Services.


Interoperable Wallet Facilitates Payment Between Parties Using Decentralized Trust.

Sepior ApS have announced the interoperability of Sepior[TM] Threshold Sig with VMware Blockchain. Sepior's ThresholdSig wallet uses multiparty computation (MPC) to decentralize trust by decentralizing the generation and use of key shares across multiple independent parties to sign and approve transactions. Interoperability between this wallet capability and VMware Blockchain, facilitates more secure transactions between enterprise consortium members and other parties, while fortifying the decentralized trust paradigm on which VMWare Blockchain was built.

"Security and decentralized trust have always been central to VMware's vision for blockchain," said Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director of Blockchain at VMware. "We are delighted to work with Sepior to enable core multiparty computation paradigms for smart contract signing, digital asset transfer signing, and key management services by enabling interoperability with Threshold Signatures for VMware Blockchain."

VMware Blockchain is an decentralized trust infrastructure. This approach eliminates reliance on a central trusted party by virtualizing and...

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