Sentences Version 3.0.

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Lazy Software have released Version 3.0 of Sentence, its database management system based on the Associative Model of Data which is said to be the first new database architecture since the advent of the Interact, and the only model to take account of its unique needs. It offers a scaleable alternative to the relational model of data. (See page 11.)

Sentences is the world's first commercial implementation of the associative model of data, whose database architecture is designed to reflect the structure of data in the real world and the way that brains perceive and process information. Simon Williams, inventor of the associative model of data and Sentences said:

`In Version 3.0 we have primarily addressed scalability, in order to allow our users to be more ambitious with their development plans. The addition of LazyView and Lazy Analytics brings a level of functionality as yet unavailable in other database architectures.'


In Sentences Version 3.0, the emphasis is on scalability. The internal structure of the Sentences database has been restructured and disk access methods have been enhanced to improve performance, scalability and robustness. Also, the CPU cycles and disk accesses needed for data retrieval and update operations have been reduced.

A single Sentences database may comprise multiple chapter files, and Sentences Version 3.0 can manage individual chapter files that contain in excess of 100,000,000 associations (occupying around 16 gigabytes), an improvement of around 50 times over Sentences Version 2.0.


LazyView is a feature of the associative model of data that gives users the ability to integrate data from multiple, disparate relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and others in real time. Data from target databases is...

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