OFR U-turn will send chancellor to court, pledges Friends of the Earth.

Position:Operating and financial reviews poised by Friends of the Earth - Brief article

Environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth (FOE) is poised to challenge the chancellor's surprise decision to scrap mandatory operating and financial reviews (OFRs). It hopes to put its case before the High Court next month.

Gordon Brown had stated that the OFR was unnecessary "gold-plating", and that it would be replaced with a business review covering the minimum requirements of the European directive on accounts modernisation. FoE believes that he was wrong to withdraw it without consultation, and that the new review significantly reduces the onus on environmental and social reporting.

The group's executive director, Tony Juniper, claimed that a judicial review could force the government to open a new consultation on its decision to revoke the OFR. "Good business and environmental practice must not be sacrificed for the short-term political interests of the chancellor and his friends in the CBI," he said.

Meanwhile, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is considering introducing a...

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