Secutech 2019 to Place Spotlight on Integrated Solutions Shaped by AI and the lot.

Position:Security News and Products - Brief article

Secutech returns for its 22nd edition next year with a sharpened focus on artificial intelligence and IoT technology. The fair will be held from 8-10 May 2019 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre in Taipei.

IoT and artificial intelligence technologies are continuing to transform the security industry by opening up new avenues for product functionality. The traditional surveillance camera that was once used solely for security purposes, for example, can now also be used to collect useful business information such as customer footfall and purchasing patterns.

As these technologies continue to blur the boundaries between sectors, they are also opening up more opportunities for integrated security. Security subsystems such as surveillance cameras, security alarms and access control systems, for example, can now be integrated and tracked from a single monitoring centre through the IoT. This allows end-users to tailor security systems that track specific priorities such as perimeter security and fire...

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