Saving Gathafi.

Author:Vedaste, Kambanda
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

The deafening silence of most African leaders as Muammar Al Gathafi swore to rain hell on the Libyan rebels, was criminal. As Libyans in Benghazi cried out for help, a good number of African leaders appeared torn between supporting the pro-democracy Libyans and the man whose petro-dollars had bailed out some of them at one time or another.


When the military intervention by the US and NATO began turning things around--not in Gathafi's favour--some African leaders found their voice. Some agreed this was the tight way forward; if you turn your guns on your own people, you must be stopped.

Others, ignoring the urgency of the matter, wondered why the coalition forces had not intervened in similar situations that preceded the Libyan crisis.

Even those who had voted for intervention backtracked momentarily, warning that the air strikes "should not harm civilians" and that "regime change" was not part of...

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