Samuels Gina Miranda and Pryce Julia M: '"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger": survivalist self-reliance as resilience and risk among young adults aging out of foster care'.

Author:Davies, Miranda
Position:Fostering - Abstract - Report

Children and Youth Services Review 30:10, October 2008, pp 1198-210, USA

This interpretive study explores the experiences of 44 Midwestern young adults in the process of leaving foster care. This article highlights the degree to which they endorse self-reliance as they reflect on past experiences, offer advice to foster youth and identify barriers to achieving their own life goals. Findings suggest that this identity must be understood in multiple contexts including societal expectations of independence and autonomy, foster care and family of origin as developmental contexts and current scholarship on young people leaving foster care. The authors argue that vigilant self-reliance can be a source of resilience but also a potential risk as it can impede the very connections to supportive...

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