Russian IT market: moving towards maturity.

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Though by and large the Russian IT market is perceived to be an emerging market, but in certain industries, notably banking and telecom, the demand seems to have become sophisticated enough and the market seems to be attaining a certain level of maturity in 2011. Moreover, the IT implementations in the main retail players have reached some saturation, at least in terms of infrastructure deployments that can easily match the IT systems of global retailers.

Overall though, in 2011, the local IT market continued to be more dependent upon hardware, compared to the mature IT markets from Western Europe as PAC figures show. Laura Hurmuz, Consultant at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) Eastern Europe considers that "in the software and IT services market, in 20I 2 the boost in IT consumption will come from sectors such as transportation, healthcare and utilities. In transportation, the demand is mainly driven by the government investments as it undertakes significant infrastructure development, such as modernization of several airports and of the railway network through system automations and industry-dedicated solutions implementations, such as traffic management solutions and SCM".

From a horizontal perspective, Russia shows new interesting opportunities in IT security, databases, mobility solutions and vertical-solutions implementations.

The priority for Russian IT services suppliers in 2012 would be to find new niche business in the verticals where they already have strong competencies, and in the same time, to invest significant resources in building new capabilities in new markets. "The ERP solutions in industries such as manufacturing (mainly oil & gas), telecom and retail have become to a large extent, a commodity. The...

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