RoboSense LiDAR Costs as Low as a Few Hundred Dollars.

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The RS-LiDAR-M I Pre is the first MEMS solid-state LiDAR launched by RoboSense. The world's first solid-state LiDAR equipped in an unmanned vehicle, the technology was first publicly presented and demonstrated at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The technology's outstanding results and advancements have already attracted widespread attention in the industry. The core technology of the MEMS solid-state LiDAR is disruptive to traditional mechanical multi-beam radars. The MEMS micro mirror scanning scheme used in the RS-LiDAR-M I Pre requires only a few laser emitters and receivers to scan through the MEMS micro-mirror in both directions because of the swing angle. The resolution is a very fine, high angle and vertical angle resolution that reaches...

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