Rethink Technology Research say Multi ABR will replace CDN.

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Rethink Technology Research a research and analyst company focusing on loT, video and wireless, say that operators must get ready for Multicast ABR, which today is in its infancy with services only just beginning--or risk losing out on a new revenue stream.

Transcasting and Multicast-ABR will create product revenues of $852.2 million per annum by 2023 for the vendors which can position themselves as leaders in this market.

Transcasting was coined as a term about 5 years ago--it means taking an Adaptive Bit Rate OTT video stream, and shoving it out to the world at large, through an existing multicast network so that all video arrives at the same time.

Once the problem of how to do this was solved it was just a matter of finding a route to market and enticing operators with the promise of new revenues. In 2018 that market is now poised to take off, with Europe at the heart of the revolution, as the US hesitates, and Asia Pacific runs a full two years behind.

This market will become ever more important as "live" events such as major sports go to market direct to consumers and require "linear...

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