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Cloud users say 'security' is their biggest concern according to a new survey, but the research does not provide detail on specific security worries. Managed services provider Claranet says that the most important security question that every cloud user needs to ask is: 'Where is my data being hosted and how well integrated is a cloud service with network service?'

The survey by Network Instruments highlights the worries and risks IT professionals around the world have over the issues cloud computing may present to their organisation. The standout from the research was the finding that three quarters (74 per cent) of respondents expressed concerns about the security of their corporate data during cloud adoption. However, the survey stopped short of defining exactly what type of security issues they were concerned about.

Michel Robert; managing director of Claranet, said that it is impossible for end users to address concerns over 'security' without first understanding what threats need to be combatted. Two of the biggest security issues with

Cloud, Robert said, are the data location and the security of the underlying network used for connectivity.

"Data security is a natural concern when moving away from the traditional in-house infrastructure," said Robert. "Last year, Claranet conducted independent research...

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