Redefining the concept at hospitality.

Position:EKO HOTEL & SUITES - Hotel review

Lagos is home to hundreds of them - the Eko Hotel & Suites-has a DNA for exquisite service.

Only the Eko Hotel & Suites (fondly called 'the Eko Hotel') provides that requisite peace of mind and professional service that has become its hallmark, providing first class amenities, and shielding its patrons from the hustle and crunch associated with Africa's busiest capital city. Lagos, Nigeria's numero uno gateway to the rest of the world, is Africa's largest and fastest growing commercial, industrial and entertainment hub. Located right in the middle of Victoria Island, the city's bustling business district, the Eko Hotel has the distinction of being surrounded by lush, beautiful gardens; the Kuramo Waters and beach, and the Atlantic Ocean.

This plush scenario is the canvas for the exciting new world being created at the Eko Hotel. Visitors to the hotel in the last four years would have noticed a frenzy of new developments. "This place is changing so fast I can hardly recognise it anymore," a Dutch businessman and regular visitor to Lagos told this reporter. Always a safe and well secured environment and now with parking lots for over 1,000 cars, over N60 billion (about $400 million) has reportedly been spent over the last five years to renovate and expand the hotel's facilities. With new hotels coming on stream almost every month, the dynamics of the hospitality and tourism industry continue to change, reflecting the attraction of the country as a business and leisure destination and the growing competition in the sector. Always on the cutting edge of service delivery, "the hotel is constantly trying to be at the forefront of its industry proposition," says Danny Kioupouroglou, its newly appointed general manager. "We are constantly trying to improve every area of our business," notwithstanding the vagaries of the global business and investment climate. Expressing confidence in the long term viability of the Nigerian tourism and hospitality industry, Kioupouroglou makes the point that the hotel wants to be the market leader not only in terms of occupancy but also in terms of hospitality proposition as a whole. "So what we offer is a fully integrated package of hospitality."

This 34 year old hotel continues to redefine the evolving ethos of African hospitality. "The owners of the Eko Hotel keep reinvesting into the business," Kioupouroglou told African Business. "They are 100 per cent passionate about Nigeria and continue to invest in the...

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