"Programming .NET Components".

Author:Lowy, Juval
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* Increased business efficiency "With the advent of the .NET Framework, Windows developers finally have a first-class technology at their disposal that aims at simplifying the task of developing and deploying component-based applications,' says Juval Lowy, author of "Programming. NET Components. As Lowy explains in his new book, the introduction of the Microsoft .NET Framework not only brings developers a powerful, cohesive toolset for the development of new Windows and web applications--it also replaces COM as the technology of choice for building components on Windows platforms. Components are the fundamental building blocks of .NET applications; they can both simplify and add flexibility to complex applications. Applied properly, component-oriented programming enable reuse, allow for long-term maintenance, application extensibility and sealability. While component technology is nothing new, the .NET Framework offers developers a new way to develop components rapidly, without the hurdles that many COM developers have had to deal with prior to NET. "Programming NET Components" offers a complete introduction to the new Microsoft .NET component model...

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