Business process optimisation needs more than ERP.

Position:IT News

In a whitepaper entitled The Myth of Enterprise Applications'. Sterling Commerce perceives that although ERP offers businesses an efficient and data rich transactional system, many ERP packages require assembly, re-engineering and customisation to meet individual company requirements. This can leave the customer with a highly inflexible transactional system and no way of realising the real value of their technology investment. The white paper aims to explain how BPM can 'unlock 'business systems potential, by managing all of its business processes--internally and externally--to offer an efficient end-to-end integration system; something that ERP alone cannot support. ERP was traditionally developed using an industry sector template or a 'one size fits all "approach to solving business issues. Sterling believes that this method is no longer effective, as companies are increasingly, with varying levels of sophistication, amongst different internal business unit systems and those of external business or trading partners.

In this instance, the whitepaper, argues that a BPM system provides a logical alternative to leveraging existing investments whilst optimising business processes. As...

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