Crime prevention: township genius invents a better 'mousetrap'.

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Unoxhaka is Zulu for 'mousetrap' and is something completely new in the never-ending struggle against vehicle crime in South Africa. Conceived and created in the Durban township of Kwamashu by a 45-year-old, self-employed arc welder, Nkosinathi Gumede, the 'mousetrap' is a way of stopping car thieves in their tracks.

While some expensive car security systems are being circumvented by criminals, an increasing number of motorists are turning to the Gumede Mousetrap immobiliser as a cheaper, more effective alternative. The hand-tooled gadget fits across a car's pedals, then clamps and locks them together.

News of the Mousetrap is spreading fast and Gumede has employed two freelance artisans to help meet the demand. "I...

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