Potent statement: a significant transition?

Author:Kamau, Michael Mundia
Position:THIS MONTH'S PRIZE LETTER - Letter to the editor

It is clear that the funeral and memorial service for Coretta Scott King last February marked a major turning point in the history of the US, the civil rights movement and black history at large the world over.

That President George W Bush and former presidents Clinton, Bush and Carter, attended the funeral was a potent statement of the change that the US has embraced over the past 40 years. It was also a resounding tribute to all black freedom fighters, past and present, and in particular to Rev. and Mrs Martin Luther King Jnr. The presence of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter might not have been so surprising as the plight of African-Americans and other minorities have always dominated the policies of the Democrats party that they belong to. Republicans, however, tend to represent the country's old, powerful, wealthy and conservative...

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