"Postfix: the Definitive Guide".

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This new book offers both a tutorial and complete reference for Postfix for system administrators of any level. More accessible in its approach than the official documentation, "Postfix: The Definitive Guide" provides a single, comprehensive source of documentation on this open source option. The book's tutorial style will guide newcomers through the intricacies of Postfix, while also serving as a reference for seasoned users to thumb through whenever questions or problems arise. Postfix was originally conceived as a replacement for sendmail, which, though more pervasive, challenges administrators with its intricate, monolithic architecture. While basic Postfix configuration is easy, each site has unique needs that call for a certain amount of study. With careful background explanations and examples, this book eases readers from basic configuration to the full power of Postfix. It discusses the Postfix interfaces to various tools that round out a fully scalable and...

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