Political courage: who will bell the cat?

Author:Onuoha, Gertrude
Position:THIS MONTH'S PRIZE LETTER - Letter to the Editor

Thanks so much for your editorial, The fall of a good man, in the July issue of African Business. The truth about corruption is that it destroys any society. In many African countries today, corruption is a parasite that has eaten deep into every aspect of society resulting in a hydra-headed nightmare of problems. It is very common to see top government functionaries and even those on the lower rung of the ladder involve themselves in dirty and shady deals to illicitly enrich themselves.

Virtually all agencies of government are affected; today, many civil servants are unable or unwilling to perform their duties without some extra incentive.

There are attempts to combat corruption by different governments in Africa. I hope it will be possible for this generation, but the problem is as difficult as looking for a pin in a haystack.


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