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The #Celebrate Africa photography competition, sponsored by Canon and hosted by Picfair in association with New African, generated a stunning array of entries celebrating all the fascinating aspects of African life. Each month, we publish one of the prize-winning shots

Libyans put politics on hold for horse racing

About 45km west of Tripoli in a town called Zawiya, horse riders gather every Friday to race.

The races are a tradition in the area, and despite ongoing political turbulence, always draw large crowds. Horse rider Hussein al-Marmouri said: "I like the traditional riding, it has been my passion since childhood. This sport was practised by our parents and grandparents. I hope that the general public will practise it too."

In fact, the races have helped boost the local craft industry, which manufactures saddles, jewels and leather--all used to adorn the horses.

"In the past, such items were used by our ancestors during the Italian invasion, they fought on horseback and had special tools. Then, the tools evolved and were used at celebrations, events and parties," said Ibrahim Sueidan, a local manufacturer.

Namibia abolishes visa requirements for Africans

As Africa slowly moves towards the continent-wide free movement of goods and people, Namibia has got the hall rolling by scrapping visas for African citizens.

Namibia's cabinet having authorised the implementation of the process, the country will start issuing African passport holders with visas on arrival, although some reciprocal arrangements with other countries still need to be finalised.

"African nations offered refuge to our people as they fled the brutality of apartheid. Many of our young found shelter in African countries, enabling them to continue with their education, which would in turn equip them with the means to contribute to our national development," a State House statement said, elaborating on the benefits of ease of movement between countries.

South African best female chef in the world

South African chef, Chantel Dartnall, the owner and head chef of Restaurant Mosaic near Pretoria, has been named the best female chef in the world.

The award was presented to Dartnall at the Best Chef Lady Awards, held this year in Poland.

Dartnall was also placed at number 32 in the Best Chef Awards Top 100 list for 2017, the highest-positioned woman and one of only three to make the top 50.

"It feels pretty insane. To win exceeds all my wildest dreams," she said.

DRC homemade bikes...

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