Party political broadcast.

Author:Oryema, Opiyo
Position:READERS' VIEWS - Letter to the editor

Consider me a conspiracy theorist as you may, but the UK secretary of state for international development, Douglas Alexander's article, "Trade and aid important for Africa" (NA Jan), though full of good intentions, sounded like a party political broadcast aimed at Africa and progressive communities in the UK to gain votes for the Labour Party in the upcoming general election. What timing!

Having studied the current constitutions of the UK's three main parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat) and speeches by the party leaders, I would have thought a cross-party pledge had been made that a present or future UK government, regardless of which party forms it, would maintain, and in some cases double, spending on international development.

I trust Mr Alexander is not implying that international development is only safe under a Labour-led government; in any case successive UK governments, as others elsewhere in the...

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