Palestine stars at Dubai film festival.

Position:Compass 01/2014: News and Views from around the World - Omar - Brief article

The Dubai Film Festival (DIFF) opening was attended by Hollywood stars Kate Blanchett (right) and Martin Sheen and launched with the screening of Hany Abu Assad's Omar, the first-ever Palestinian film to be tipped for an Oscar. The enthusiastically received tale of love and betrayal in the Israeli Occupied Territories of Palestine received a jury prize in the "Un Certain Regard" category--a closely-watched category for provocative films or follow-up works by emerging directors--at the Cannes festival in 2013. Abu Assad shot to prominence in 2006 with Paradise Now, about two would-be suicide bombers. A total of 174 films from 57 different countries, including over 100 films from the Arab world, were screened at the festival in...

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