Over 60% of World Population to Be Covered by GDPR-style Legislation.


Demonstrating the increasing global emphasis on improving data privacy following the introduction of the GDPR one year ago, 16 countries and 13 US states have plans to introduce similar legislation, Redgate analysis has found. Along with the current 28 member states of the EU, this means that over 62% of the world's population will be protected by tougher data privacy laws moving forward.

The Redgate Global Data Privacy Roadmap whitepaper, released today, reveals big changes in the data protection landscape across the world, provides a guide to the new legislation, lists common emerging themes, and outlines key steps that businesses need to take to ensure consistent compliance. It is now available online at https://www.red-gate.com/solutions/entrypage/global-data-privacy-roadmap.

It has been launched following Data Privacy Week, a comprehensive series of online events which Redgate ran in conjunction with the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) on the anniversary of the GDPR being introduced. The week featured a panel discussion, case study session, expert insights, and a keynote on ten steps businesses can take to be data compliant worldwide.

As Chris Unwin, Redgate Data Privacy and Protection Specialist, comments: "In the year since the GDPR became law, it has increasingly become the blueprint for similar legislation worldwide in places as far apart as California and India, China and New Zealand. Essentially, data has moved from being a business asset to a business risk. With fines for non-compliance rising steeply, organizations operating on every continent need to take data privacy and consent seriously if they are to function effectively within the...

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